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Topic: Nanotechnology
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2007 Nanomaterials: Fabrication, Properties & Applications
by Wonbong Choi, Ashutosh Tiwari, and Seung Kang, Editors
$112.50 ($112.50)$150.00
Advanced Computational Modeling of CNT-Reinforced Damping Composite Materials
by L. Bochkareva, M. Kireitseu, G. Tomlinson, H. Altenbach, and J. Lu
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Behaviour of Impurity Elements in Powder Aluminium
by S.V. Lipko; V.L. Tauson; V.V. Akimov; V.V. Veselkov; and B.I. Zelberg
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Chitosan-Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Coatings for Biomedical Applications
by I. Zhitomirsky and X. Pang
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Computational Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations
by Edited by: Corbett Battaile and James R. Morris
$75.00 ($75.00)$100.00
Deposition, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Nanolayered Superlattice Nitride Coatings
by Q. Yang and L.R. Zhao
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Effect of Nickel Nano-Interlayer on CrN Coatings Over Steels
by R.Y. Lin, P. Salunke, and P. Deshpande
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Hume-Rothery Symposium: Scattering Studies and the Fundamental Properties of Materials
by Patrice Turchi, Wolfgang Donner, and J. Lee Robinson, editors
$33.00 ($33.00)$45.00
Interfaces and Properties of TiC/α–C:H Nanocomposite Coatings
by Jeff Th.M. de Hosson, Yutao Pei, and Damiano Galvan
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Ion Adsorption Behavior on SiO2 and Al2O3 Nanoparticles in Aqueous Electrolytes
by G. Vidrich, O. Moll, A. Belousov, and H. Ferkel
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
N-Implantation Induced Phase Separation in Zr-Cu Film
by S. Muraishi and H. Naito
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Nano-Scale Coatings for Surface Modification of Carbon Structures
by P.P. Joshi, R.V. Pulikollu, and S.M. Mukhopadhyay
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Surface Amorphization in Zr Alloy Films Via Ni Implantation
by S. Muraishi, H. Naito, and T. Aizawa
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Surface Nanostructuring with Ordered Arrayed Nanoparticles of Tunable Size, Shape and Property
by Yong Lei and Gerhard Wilde
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials II
by S.M. Mukhopadhyay, N.B. Dahotre, S. Seal, and A. Agarwal
$139.00 ($139.00)$189.00
Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Intermetallic Layer by Mechanical Attrition
by X. Wu, Y. Hong, N. Tao, X.K. Meng, J. Lu, and K. Lu
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Tailoring the Texture of Magnetron Sputtered Ta Films by Self-Assembled Dendrimer Sublayers
by X. Li, F. Huang, S.F. Shuler, M.L. Curry, S.C. Street, and M
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Cracking in Berkovich Indented Thin Film Coatings
by Lok-Wang Ma, Damien MuGrouther, Paul Monroe, Julie McCairney, and Mark Hoffman
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
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