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Topic: Iron and Steel
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Advanced Metallic Composites and Alloys for High Performance
by Edited by: Awadh Pandey, Kevin L. Kendig, and John J. Lewandowski
$150.00 ($150.00)$200.00
Assessing the Thermal Stability of Bulk Metallic Glasses for Nuclear Waste Applications
by K. Hildal, J.H. Perepezko, and L. Kaufman
$10.00 ($10.00)$25.00
Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials
by Arun Gokhale, Jian Li, and Toru Okabe, editors
$168.00 ($168.00)$228.00
General Abstracts: Extraction and Processing
by Boyd Davis and Michael L. Free, editors
$132.00 ($132.00)$180.00
General Abstracts: Structural Materials Division
by Edited by: Rollie Dutton and Ellen K. Cerreta
$141.00 ($141.00)$208.00
Materials Processing Fundamentals
by Princewill Anyalebechi, editor
$176.00 ($176.00)$240.00
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